Susan SHINEY pilote en Anglais de l’Exia a mis au défi nos Exars de 1ère année. Le challenge: raconter le séminaire d’intégration Exia  (en anglais) qui s’est déroulé du 19 au 23 septembre, au Futuroscope de Poitiers. 

Félicitations à Alexandre LECOMTE – A1 campus d’ARRAS qui a remporté le concours!

An Exia first year student explains his Orientation Week Experience:

It Happened in Poitiers by Alexandre Lecomte

Amazing! I’m now an Exar, a student of Exia, a computer engineering school! It proposes two specialties: software development or network engineering. Exia is my new school for the next five years (I started in the preparatory cycle).

So, this school stands out because of its original and innovative pedagogy in opposition to the French classical education: we use active pedagogy. Indeed, the students’ study is based on a problem from a given situation. Students learn though the experience of solving an open-ended problem. This method is called: Problem-Based Learning (PBL). Consequently, students are the main actors for their learning; they have to be autonomous, do personal research and work in groups… In fact, the aims of Exia’s pedagogy is to learn how to learn. And, I think this is a great idea! We learn best while doing! As far as I’m concerned, when I’m involved in my learning I remember the information better.

The Exia is very close to the business world. Actually, IT companies want computer engineers with great technical and scientific knowledge but also engineers that are skilled in communication and management.

In order to discover this particular pedagogy all new Exars participated in an orientation week in Poitiers. The aim was to not only discover the PBL method but to also unite all students from across France. I’d say there were about 400 students. In Poitiers, we slept in a motel called: “L’hôtel du Futuroscope”.  Can you guess? Yes, we were near the Futuroscope! The motel was great with large rooms including a lot of storage. The orientation week lasted from September 20th to the 24th.

We went to the congress centre as soon as we arrived. That was our place of work during all of the orientation week. In this place, there was a big amphitheatre. More than 1000 seats! Imagine! Besides, the seats were red like the colors of Exia.

During the two days we were in twelve-person working groups in which there were Exars from all over France. We had to create a bridge of cards. We also conducted our first PROSIT. We learned about the PBL method thanks to these activities.

To finish this orientation week, on Thursday evening we enjoyed ourselves in the Futuroscope! I loved it! The water and lights show at the end was beautiful!

If you want my opinion, this orientation week is the best way to discover the Exia’s pedagogy. So now, I expect a lot from this preparatory cycle. I believe in this method!



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